Dialysis Care

When you see one of our Board Certified nephrologists at South Palm Beach Nephrology, you may wonder what happens when your medical condition involving your kidney changes and you require dialysis.

First, you and your physician agree when the time is right to initiate either hemodialysis, home hemodialysis, or peritoneal dialysis treatments. For hemodialysis, you may be admitted to the hospital for your first treatment before going to an outpatient clinic.

Upon being discharged from the hospital, many patients want to know whether they will return to the office practice to see their usual nephrologist and are surprised to learn that they will be seen at the clinic for treatment. Since South Palm Beach Nephrology is a group practice, any one of our physicians may then become your new kidney doctor. In some cases, the dialyisis physician that you see on a monthly basis in the clinic may or may not be the same nephrologist from our group that originally treated you in the office.

Dialysis care is provided either in an outpatient center or in your home. If you elect to have home hemodialysis, you will need to have someone at home to assist you with your treatments. If you are admitted to a hospital for an overnight stay, your hemodialysis treatments will be performed by the hospital’s dialysis team until you are discharged. Your care and treatment will be supervised by a South Palm Beach Nephrology physician whether you are an inpatient in the hospital, a home patient or an outpatient.

Once you are discharged from the hospital, and you continue to receive dialysis treatments at one of our clinics, you will be cared for by nurses and technicians employed by the clinic. In some of our clinics, the physicians at South Palm Beach Nephrology are Medical Directors for a large number of dialysis patients in the community.

At South Palm Beach Nephrology, we take great pride in sharing the value of continuous patient/physician relationships. We make every effort to recognize that you wish to be cared for by your regular nephrologist, but in the clinics, we cannot always guarantee it.

South Palm Beach Nephrology physicians supervise the care and treatment of patients at several clinics in the area owned by Fresenius Medical Center, DaVita Dialysis Center and American Renal Associates.